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Peace, Love, and Power to You. I am Kode Knox. Your One-on-One Emotional Health Specialist!


Are you stuck in an endless cycle of anxiety and depression?


Do you feel there is more to YOU than just suffering and pain and wish that you could find your purpose and be a better version of yourself?


Maybe you struggle with discipline and controlling your Emotions?


Well, This is where we find the true You and change your path forever!

To truly become fulfilled and become the best versions of ourselves we need to become beings that can use our minds to envision the future we wish to live in. We need to achieve a state of Higher Self. When you become your higher self you will find self-efficacy, responsibility, love, resilience, motivation, determination, and self-control beyond your regular capabilities. We provide PERSONAL tailor-made one-on-one Emotional sessions from me, Kode Knox. I Am a Certified Life Coach, Wellness Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Yoga instructor, and Author. Who will guide you on your journey to becoming the BEST VERSION OF YOU! 

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Wellness Coaching

If you struggle with loving, knowing, and respecting yourself  I'll help you tap into your higher self by doing shadow work, using spiritual principles, and emotional discipline. Click here to learn more about my services.

My Credibility Factors Are...

● Certified yoga instructor

● Emotional health specialist

● Herbalist

● Reiki

● Life Coach

● Life experience

● Over 17 years being an educator

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